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Porsche is ready for its trade debut.


Sep 29, 2022 , ,
Porsche готов к торговому дебюту после ценообразования на верхнем уровне

VW sets a maximum share price.

After parent firm Volkswagen AG put Porsche AG’s final listing price at an upper maximum to withstand severe market upheaval, the sports car manufacturer is poised for a strong trading debut.

To launch Europe’s largest initial public offering in a decade, VW is selling shares for 82.50 euros each, valued at $75 billion ($73 billion).

Bidding is due to start on Thursday in Frankfurt.

“The high level of demand shows that investors have faith in Porsche’s future. Volkswagen will have a lot more financial freedom thanks to the IPO’s revenues as it makes the switch to electric transportation and digitization, according to a statement from VW CFO Arno Antlitz.

Investors will also gain a piece of an emotional brand akin to Ferrari NV, which successfully spun off parent Fiat in 2015 and helped Volkswagen raise funding for electrification.

According to Bernstein’s analysis, Porsche should have a market valuation of 80 billion euros, which is more than that of automakers but somewhat below that of luxury corporations, according to Bernstein’s.


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