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Qualcomm falls after China woes hit Apple and Huawei suppliers.


Sep 8, 2023 , ,
Qualcomm падает после того, как проблемы Китая коснулись Apple и поставщиков Huawei

After the turmoil in China jeopardized the company’s sales in a crucial market, Qualcomm Inc. shares, the world’s largest supplier of smartphone chips, had their steepest drop in a month.

Qualcomm is exposed to several risks. Because Qualcomm is one of the major suppliers of the iPhone and is in charge of the product’s modem chip, Apple Inc.’s iPhone is subject to an expanding ban in China that will bar access to the gadget for organizations supported by the government and state-owned businesses.

A deconstruction commissioned by Bloomberg News revealed that Huawei’s most recent smartphone is powered by a cutting-edge 7nm processor made by SMIC, demonstrating that China is progressing in the production of innovative semiconductors despite US sanctions. However, the teardown did not reveal any Qualcomm components.

About two-thirds of Qualcomm’s income comes from China, including Hong Kong. Investors are therefore closely observing market developments. Following the most recent announcement, shares dropped 7.2% to $106.40 on Thursday, in line with other handset vendors.

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