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Rakuten bonds fell.


Nov 13, 2022 , ,
Облигации Rakuten падают из-за опасений по поводу прибыли в Японии

Company debt hovers near record lows.

In response to mounting concerns that rival Amazon.com Japan will post further losses, Rakuten Group Inc. bonds dropped to almost historic lows.

The company’s 2031 bonds experienced their biggest monthly decline since they were launched a year earlier in October, falling 3.2 yen.

Rakuten is facing a further S&P trash downgrade.

As its US dollar and euro bonds also hover near record lows, the Japanese e-commerce company is facing a vital test to see if it can raise a sizable amount of funds to assist its struggling mobile phone business.

If the company is unable to secure enough non-debt capital for its non-financial arm, S&P warned that it may lower the company’s credit rating by the end of the year.


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