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Revival of Taiwan’s tech industry


Jul 24, 2023 ,
Возрождение тайваньской технологической промышленности благодаря ИИ

The need for AI servers has helped Taiwanese hardware manufacturers like Quanta and Wiwynn reach all-time highs. According to analysts, these businesses will be able to benefit from the adoption of artificial intelligence by the biggest technological companies in the world, such as Google and Apple.

The deployment of artificial intelligence technology by the titans of the IT sector has increased the demand for AI servers. For instance, Google regularly employs AI servers to process and analyze enormous amounts of data. This enables the business to enhance its goods and services and boost operational effectiveness.

Hardware manufacturers in Taiwan have several advantages over their rivals. They have long-standing relationships with significant technology businesses and a high level of skill in the manufacturing of AI servers. This enables them to meet consumer requests and react rapidly to market developments.

The rising demand for AI servers is expected to fuel further growth among Taiwanese hardware producers. Banks like Morgan Stanley and Citigroup Inc. anticipate an increase in these companies’ earnings. This is a result of the anticipated rise in orders from significant market participants for artificial intelligence.

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