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Rising Intel and Micron spending


Jun 24, 2023 ,
Рост расходов Intel и Micron показывает, что дипломатия приносит плоды

US chip makers are spending billions of dollars on factories overseas.

In light of tensions with China, Intel Corp. and Micron Technology Inc. want to invest billions of dollars in brand-new semiconductor plants outside the US. This highlights a worldwide rush to diversify supplies of essential components.

Many countries use subsidies to attract investment in chips.

By pushing for advanced chip manufacturing at home and with allies, Washington is attempting to fortify crucial supply networks outside of China to restrain Beijing’s geopolitical ambitions.

In addition, Micron is nearing an agreement to commit at least $1 billion to the establishment of a plant for the production of semiconductor packaging in India. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger traveled to Poland to announce a new $4.6 billion chip manufacturing facility in Wroclaw, marking a record U.S. investment in that nation.

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