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Robinhood is recruiting in the UK.


Jul 22, 2023 ,
Robinhood набирает сотрудников в Великобритании для привлечения местных инвесторов

The US-based trading platform Robinhood is growing its presence in the UK. To draw in local investors, the company intends to hire personnel in the UK. By making this choice, Robinhood will be able to expand its global presence and offer its platform to investors and traders in the UK.

Young traders are increasingly using Robinhood, a 2013 startup, because of its inexpensive fees and straightforward user interface. The platform is made for anyone who wishes to begin trading and investing in stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other types of financial products. Since its debut, Robinhood has garnered millions of users, and the company is currently looking to grow outside of the US.

By providing consumers with a simple and reasonable way to buy and trade shares, the company intends to attract local investors in the UK. The UK market is one of the biggest and most active in all of Europe, so the company may have a lot to gain from Robinhood’s presence there.

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