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Salesforce cuts more jobs.


Aug 3, 2023
Salesforce сокращает еще больше рабочих мест после сокращения на 10% в начале года

Salesforce Inc. keeps eliminating positions to increase profitability. The corporation chose to fire even more workers after declaring a 10% reduction on the verge of going into effect earlier in the year.

To boost profitability, Salesforce is revising its organizational structure and business procedures. 10% of the staff were laid off earlier this year when the company underwent a layoff. This procedure led to the latest downsizing, which is a continuation of the company’s aim to streamline and reorganize its operations.

A Salesforce spokeswoman claims that the company works to create the ideal environment for maximizing profit. One of the steps being taken to guarantee the effectiveness and optimization of corporate processes is the elimination of jobs. To meet consumer needs and achieve sustainable growth, the business also places a high priority on the improvement of sales and customer service.

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