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Salesforce raises prices after AI’s introduction.


Jul 13, 2023 ,
Salesforce повышает цены после внедрения искусственного интеллекта

To enhance the customer experience, boost productivity, and expedite business processes, Salesforce is adding new AI functionality to its products.

However, the implementation of such features necessitates a significant investment in computing power, which raises the price of creating and maintaining products. As a result, in August 2023, Salesforce will begin charging more for its products for the first time in the past seven years.

According to the corporation, the main product lines’ base prices will rise by around 9%. However, the ultimate price of the goods may differ based on the location and scale of the client organization.

However, pricing for cloud computing services or other value-added services offered by the business will not change as a result of price hikes for Salesforce products.

Given the rising costs of research and development, many analysts point out that the price hike for Salesforce products was inevitable.

Price hikes, however, can create significant concern for certain customers, particularly smaller businesses, especially in light of the economic unpredictability brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the biggest and most creative providers of customer relationship management software is Salesforce. The corporation will be able to enhance customer experiences and speed up internal business procedures by introducing new AI features. However, some customers may have a serious issue with rising product prices.

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