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Samsung Bans AI After Data Leak Discovered


May 2, 2023
Samsung запрещает использовать ИИ после обнаружения утечки данных ChatGPT

Employees accidentally leaked sensitive data via ChatGPT.

After learning that staff members were posting private code to the platform and impeding the adoption of such technology in the workplace, Samsung Electronics Co. has forbidden employees from utilizing well-known generative AI tools like ChatGPT.

The business is concerned that information sent to these AI platforms is stored on external servers, making it challenging to recover and remove.

Samsung is preparing its own internal AI tools.

The use of generative AI systems is now forbidden on Samsung’s internal networks as well as on company-owned laptops, tablets, and phones. The new policy can be broken, which can lead to dismissal.

The business is also developing its own internal AI tools for software development, document translation, and summarization, and preventing sensitive company data from being uploaded to external platforms.

According to a memo from the company, “We are reviewing Generative AI security measures to improve employee productivity and efficiency, but we are temporarily limiting the use of Generative AI until these measures are in place.”

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