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Samsung has lost significantly in value since it peaked in January.


Oct 6, 2021
Samsung has lost significantly in value since it peaked in January.

According to various estimates, the company’s shares lost about 20%.

At the moment there is an increase in competition from South Korean companies, it was a blow for Samsung Corporation.

Only in the current place the company lost 3%, although to date it is the world leader in the production of memory chips. If you compare in a period of six months, the company lost more than 20%, investors got rid of securities worth more than 15 billion U.S. dollars.

This month, the situation does not change, the securities of Samsung are declining in price for the fourth month, previously a similar situation was observed only in 2018.

However, in Korea, investors do not lose optimism, almost 90% of analysts believe that Samsung is now significantly undervalued, and this could lead to a 40 percent increase over the next year.

The company’s profit this year is based on the mood of investors, who prefer to buy shares of this corporation for a long-term investment.

At the moment, the company’s securities are selling at a projected profit of less than eleven times.

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