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SAP stopped work in Russia after 30 years


Apr 20, 2022 ,
SAP прекращает работу в России после 30 лет работы в стране

The company stops its activities in Russia

SAP SE is making efforts to wind down its business in Russia in a controlled manner, with plans to discontinue providing support for local products and phase out cloud services.

The German software firm has been doing business in Russia for 30 years, but it has now joined the ranks of other computer firms that are leaving the nation. The company said in a statement that it was moving beyond sanctions “by ceasing sales in Russia and Belarus and shutting down cloud activities in Russia.”

1300 SAP employees work in Russia

As part of the withdrawal, SAP will stop providing support and maintenance for local products in Russia as part of the withdrawal, although current customers will be allowed to continue using their software.

According to the business, companies in Russia that are not subject to sanctions will have the option of deleting their data, sending it to a data center outside of Russia, or transferring it to a data center outside of Russia.

“In general, as employers, we provide chances for employees to work globally where it makes commercial sense.” “We are not currently doing this on a large basis for our staff, but there are isolated situations when some of our colleagues work from abroad,” SAP’s Luka Muchic said.

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