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Shares are under pressure again.


Jun 20, 2023
Акции снова оказались под давлением на фоне опасений по поводу Китая

Shares of Japan, China, and Korea fall.

Stocks declined on Tuesday as investors were concerned about China’s sluggish economic recovery and as global stock rallies lost steam.

After Wall Street closed on Monday, stocks declined all around the world, from Hong Kong and Shanghai to Tokyo and Seoul, as well as in US index futures.

The post-pandemic mood in China seems to have taken root.

Interest rates from the US Federal Reserve are becoming more erratic, and US traders are torn between the allure of a rally and the worry that it has peaked and the market is overbought.

At their most recent meeting, Fed members kept interest rates constant but issued a caution about additional tightening.

With pressure from Japan’s loose monetary policy and the Chinese yuan continuing its third straight day of falls, the Japanese yen recovered from falling to 142 against the US dollar.


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