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Slow Growth Weighs on Salesforce Auctions


Dec 1, 2022 , ,
Ауции Salesforce отягощены медленным ростом

Cloud stocks lagged the Nasdaq 100 this year.

Due to doubts about commercial client demand, cloud software stocks have been among the most affected regions in the tech industry this year.

Salesforce shows the slowest revenue growth.

With Salesforce down 40% and Snowflake down 61%, the $2.8 billion First Trust Computing exchange-traded fund has dropped 42% this year, more than the Nasdaq 100’s 29% decline.

Brendan Boken, an investment analyst, stated that “cloud software is a mission-critical service for enterprises, but with so many obstacles and so much uncertainty in 2023, I think we could see additional price reductions.”

Despite continuing to exhibit positive growth rates, the performance of important sector companies this season has been inconsistent.

Alphabet Inc.’s cloud offering was relatively successful, losing less money than anticipated, while Microsoft Corp.’s Azure product received a dismal outlook. The growth of Amazon.com Inc.’s cloud business came in below expectations.

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