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Software spending falls.


Jul 23, 2023
Затраты на программное обеспечение падают перед отчетами технологических компаний

Today’s businesses depend heavily on software, and the price of that software has a big impact on their budgets. However, the most recent estimate indicates that second-quarter software investment fell to its lowest level in three years. Software vendors can be disappointed when they publish their financial results the next month as a result of this.

The average yearly value of software deals in the second quarter decreased 51% year over year to $62,000, the lowest since 2020, according to a Vendr review of 3,000 deals from more than 500 purchasers.

The decrease in software expenses in the second quarter may be due to several variables. The COVID-19 pandemic’s ongoing effects on the economy are numerous. Many businesses continue to be cost-conscious and work to reduce expenses, which include software expenses.

Additionally, the decrease in software expenses can be the result of many businesses revising their business strategies in light of adjustments to workflows and priorities. Due to the widespread adoption of remote work and digital technologies, software requirements may need to be reevaluated.

Concerns are being expressed by vendors and investors over the second quarter’s fall in software expenses. However, if businesses start to recover from the epidemic and increase their spending on digital transformation, this may alter shortly. Software vendors must take action to lessen the impact on their financial results and search for new chances for expansion and improvement.

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