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Sonos launches its own voice assistant


May 12, 2022 ,
Sonos запускает собственный голосовой помощник

Company challenges Alexa and Siri

Sonos Inc., a maker of audio products, launches its voice assistant, attempting to break into a sector dominated by Amazon.com Inc. and Apple Inc.

Sonos Voice Control is a new service from Sonos that focuses on controlling the company’s media content and gadgets rather than providing information like Alexa or Siri.

Ambitious expansion for Sonos

The service was unveiled on Wednesday as part of a new product range that also included a new low-cost soundbar for TVs.

On June 1st, existing Sonos devices will receive the feature, which is the most private on the market because no data is transferred to the cloud or tracked by the firm.

Sonos is known as one of the leading firms in personal and home audio, but it is competing in a more crowded industry, which has dragged on its stock price, which is down around 30% this year as Sonos competes with new Amazon speakers and devices. Apple

Sonos is also aiming to diversify into new areas in order to maintain its growth, such as wireless headphones to compete outside of the home.

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