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Sony Entertainment buys game studio Haven


Mar 22, 2022 ,
Song Entertainment покупает игровую студию Heven

Studio Jade Raymond led the development teams at Ubisoft

Heven Entertainment Studios Inc., a video game development firm run by industry veteran Jade Raymond, has been acquired by Sony Group Corp.

Haven was created a year ago in Montreal with an initial investment from Sony Interactive Entertainment, and its team comprises game designers with more than a decade of experience working on some of the industry’s most successful titles.

Adding Your Own Studio to PlayStation Exclusive Content

“With the launching of Heven, Sony is putting another bet on games with online services, which was previously one of the PlayStation’s Achilles heels,” said Serkan Toto, a Tokyo-based analyst.

According to Jade Raymond, joining PlayStation Studios provides Haven the creative freedom and unmatched support he needs to work on developing the best games possible.

“We plan to fully exploit PS5’s tremendous capabilities to build new worlds that excite gamers and allow them to connect in novel ways,” she continued.

Haven Studios will be the 18th studio to join the PlayStation Studios family, with around 60 staff. The Haven management team will continue to run the studio in close collaboration with PlayStation Studios management.

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