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SpaceX and Rogers make a deal in Canada


Apr 27, 2023 , ,
SpaceX и Rogers заключили сделку по спутниковому телефону в Канаде

Companies will use SpaceX Starlink low-orbit satellites.

A satellite phone agreement was established between SpaceX and Rogers Communications Inc. in Canada to provide emergency services to far-flung regions of the enormous nation that cannot be serviced by traditional wireless networks.

According to a statement from Rogers, “Companies will use SpaceX’s Starlink low-orbit satellites and start with a text service before adding voice and data coverage.”

Rogers is also testing the service with Lynk Global, Inc.

“Going forward, this investment will bring wireless connectivity, including 911 access, to even the most remote areas,” said Tony Stafieri, CEO of Rogers.

A Canadian corporation has entered into two agreements for a satellite phone connection. Additionally, Roger is testing the service with Lynk Global Inc. and expects to launch it the following year.

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