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SpaceX plans to launch the spacecraft.


Apr 18, 2023 ,
SpaceX планирует запустить космический корабль со второй попытки

The first rocket launch attempt was canceled on Monday.

On April 20, SpaceX intends to launch a Starship rocket, which will mark the company’s second try at a ground-breaking flight after a pressurization problem derailed its earlier test.

Test flights are seen as a key step towards the Moon and Mars.

The unmanned mission is a crucial milestone in SpaceX’s strategy to launch astronauts into the asteroid belt. By launching a large rocket into Earth’s orbit for the first time, Space Exploration Technologies Corp. hopes to open the way for future expeditions to the Moon and Mars.

NASA astronauts and other passengers, as well as satellites and other cargo, were intended to go to and beyond Earth orbit on the Starship.

If all goes as planned, the spacecraft will launch from the Super Heavy launch vehicle, continue to travel in an arc through space, almost completely circle the Earth, and then come down in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii.

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