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Stocks fall after the S&P 500 Snaps fall


Dec 21, 2022 , ,
Акции колеблются после серии проигрышей S&P 500 Snaps

Stock markets take stock

The S&P 500 ended a four-day losing skid, bringing a brief respite to one of the worst years for stocks and bonds in more than a decade. Asian stocks fluctuated on Wednesday, but US stock futures increased.

Treasury bond yields are up.

As 10-year yields hit their maximum on Wednesday, the central bank announced a bond-buying operation.

Global equities are down by 5% this year, which is their worst year since 2008, while the Bloomberg World Bond Index is down 16%, which is the largest annual decline since benchmarking started in 1990.

The easing of lockdowns in China and a continual stream of supporting policies enhanced the prospects for a revival in the housing sector, causing oil to post a two-day rise and iron ore to advance further on Tuesday.


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