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Stocks rise as Beijing reopens offset rates


Jun 6, 2022 ,
Акции растут, так как Пекин вновь открывает зачётные ставки

Oil approaches $120 a barrel after sixth week of gains

On Monday, U.S. stock futures and most Asian stocks rose, calming volatile emotions caused by inflation and rate hikes.

The US consumer price index will tell you about the peak of inflation

In Japan, markets increased, but in Hong Kong, tech companies soared. Stocks in China climbed as well, while those in Australia reversed the trend and sank ahead of a second consecutive rate hike on Tuesday.

Consumer price statistics from the United States will be released on Friday, which will assist in assessing if inflation has reached its peak. Treasury yields have leveled off, and the dollar index has dropped.

Crude oil was trading near $120 a barrel as Saudi Arabia demonstrated its confidence in demand by raising prices in Asia faster than planned.

“While positive news about China’s economic activity and reduced share values may be advantageous in terms of long-term investing, short-term volatility remains high,” said Dayana Musina, AMP Capital’s senior economist.

The US jobs report allayed some concerns that the world’s largest economy is weakening too quickly, but it also strengthened the Fed’s decision to keep raising interest rates to combat inflation.

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