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Stocks soar amid US inflation.


Nov 11, 2022 , ,
Акции взлетели на фоне инфляции в США и сокращения карантина в Китае

Hong Kong’s technology stocks are rising.

Global shares gained ground as a rally that started on Wall Street in response to slower-than-expected US inflation data gained momentum thanks to China’s relaxation of lockdown regulations.

Stock futures for the U.S. and Europe increased, benchmark Asian equities experienced their greatest gain in more than two years, and Hong Kong’s tech stock index increased by more than 10%.

The dollar scale continues to fall after the biggest drop.

After rising 2% on Thursday, the Bloomberg Dollar Index started to fall again on Friday, marking its largest dip since 2009.

Despite other risky assets rising after the US inflation report, the domino effect of FTX’s decline continued to drag down cryptocurrency prices on Friday.

The substantial losses in risky assets sustained this year as a result of the Fed’s tightening policies are only partially offset by Thursday’s strong rally.

The S&P 500 is still down 17% this year, the Nasdaq 100 is down about 30%, and the MSCI global index is down roughly 18% overall. These are both firms’ worst years since 2008.

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