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  • Traders Expect Small Fluctuations in Ethereum

Traders Expect Small Fluctuations in Ethereum

Market indicators signal limited short-term fluctuations in Ethereum. Volatility indicators point to fewer short-term changes in Ethereum than in Bitcoin, reversing the typical trend for the two most important digital…

Ethereum drops 10% due to bear trade

Drop in the price of ether Ethereum was selling at $3,428.21 this morning, dropping 10.16 percent on the day. It was the biggest percentage decrease in a single day since…

Polygon bought Ethereum for $ 500 million

Polygon buys blockchain protocol developer Mir Polygon, a cryptocurrency platform, is acquiring roughly $ 500 million from Predicate Labs, the creator of the Mir blockchain system, as part of a…

Bitcoin drops to $ 60,000, ether hits its lowest level.

Cryptocurrency Global Market Capitalization Drops 7% On Tuesday, cryptocurrency prices plummeted, with Bitcoin falling near $ 60,000 and Ether falling to its lowest level in almost a month. In Singapore…

Ethereum’s record launch paused

Ethereum growth has surpassed Bitcoin this year Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency, is expected to pause its record advances, according to technical indicators. In the middle of the speculative frenzy for…

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