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  • Hong Kong’s crypto push receives a sharp warning.

Hong Kong’s crypto push receives a sharp warning.

An inquiry into a trading platform that has caught social media influencers and spurred criticism of a key regulator is the cause of the bitcoin disagreement that has broken out…

Analysis of the Hong Kong ETF Market

On Thursday, the biggest stock-linked index fund in Hong Kong broke all previous records, although the index it follows was unchanged. The Hong Kong Tracker Fund achieved a new milestone…

Alibaba prepares for an IPO in Hong Kong

Listing could happen as early as the end of 2023. The first of the six business divisions of the Chinese internet company’s Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., Cainiao Network Technology Co.,…

Hong Kong underlines its pro-crypto stance.

The collapse of FTX did not overshadow Hong Kong’s ambitions as a crypto hub. Despite the industry-changing failure of the Sam Bankman-Fried FTX exchange, Hong Kong is still striving to…

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