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Taiwan expects UK satellite coverage.


Jun 25, 2023 , ,
Тайвань ожидает спутникового покрытия Великобритании над островом к концу года

OneWeb satellite communications will cover the entire island.

Taiwan anticipates that by the end of this year, satellite communications from British provider OneWeb, which are presently only accessible in the northern portion of the island, will be available over the entire island.

OneWeb will strengthen the island’s communication infrastructure.

OneWeb is eager to collaborate with Taiwan to improve the island’s communications infrastructure, according to Audrey Tang, Taiwan’s Minister of Digital Affairs.

The construction of 700 satellite receivers across Taiwan is required by the island’s disaster response strategy, and they must be set up to receive communications from various constellations of satellites in medium-earth orbit.

A closer relationship between Taiwan and the UK would go against British foreign policy norms and might enrage Beijing.

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