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Taiwan uses incentives to strengthen global leadership


Jan 30, 2022 ,
Тайвань использует стимулы для укрепления мирового лидерства

Bringing in foreign firms as rivalry with China intensifies

As part of a strategy to strengthen its leadership in semiconductor manufacturing, Taiwan will urge international chip manufacturers to invest while also providing initiatives to encourage abroad expertise.

Taiwan seeks to strengthen its leading position in the world

“The government is looking into measures to attract engineers and material and equipment providers for chip manufacturing.” It would also stimulate indigenous enterprises to develop innovations in these fields,” said Wang Mei-Hua, Taiwan’s Economy Minister.

“We want to develop the Taiwanese supply chain and have vendors near our chip producers,” Wang explained.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen earlier told chip executives that her government will encourage local companies’ efforts to improve competence in semiconductor production so that more might be made locally.

TSMC now manufactures more than half of the world’s most powerful chips, but advanced equipment is primarily supplied by the US and international companies such as Applied Materials Inc., Tokyo Electron Ltd., and ASML Holding N.V.

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