• Tue. Sep 26th, 2023


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Tech Money Machine sparks antitrust.

Google Ad Tech Money-Machine вызвал антимонопольные обвинения

The US tech giant faces more than $8 billion in fines.

The European Union may bring a formal antitrust lawsuit against Google Alphabet Inc., which could result in significant fines and go after the basic foundation of the advertising technology that drives the majority of the US company’s revenue.

The charge will target the core of Google’s advertising technology business model.

The new lawsuit, which represents another escalation in a protracted dispute that has already yielded three EU fines totaling more than $8.6 billion, is the most serious in the current five-year term of the European Commission, the EU’s antitrust enforcer.

In 2021, the EU first started looking at Google’s ad technology. The examination by the commission focused on how the business could safeguard user data for its customers and prevent competitors from accessing it for online advertising.


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