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Technology and AI are driving job cuts.


May 6, 2023 ,
Технологии и искусственный интеллект способствуют сокращению рабочих мест

The technology could cut 26 million jobs within five years.

As the demand for clerical work declines and the demand for computer and cybersecurity specialists increases, technologies like artificial intelligence are setting up the world’s job markets for a new period of upheaval.

The green transition will provide opportunities for job creation.

Almost a quarter of all occupations will shift over the next five years as a result of the introduction of AI, the switch to clean energy, and the redistribution of supply, according to research released by the World Economic Forum in Geneva.

The paper claims that the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) applications like ChatGPT, which employ machines to mimic human thought and solve issues, would have a particularly large impact by automating and replacing various activities related to reasoning, communication, and coordination.

Over the next five years, around 75% of the organizations questioned said they plan to deploy artificial intelligence technologies, which they anticipate will lead to up to 26 million job losses.


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