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Tesla criticized for opening a car dealership


Jan 4, 2022

Tesla criticized for opening a car dealership in Xinjiang, China

Tesla’s official statement of a Xinjiang dealership sparked criticism as the latest foreign company to experience difficulty over China’s far west region.

Last Week, the South American electric vehicle manufacturer released details of a car dealership in Urumqi, the provincial capital of Xinjiang. “We will meet in Xinjiang on December 31, 2021,” reads the text.

Uyghur genocide accusations

The biggest institution in the U.S.A dedicated to the protection of Muslims slammed the decision on Tuesday, claiming that Tesla “endorses the genocide.”

The mistreatment of Uighurs and other Muslims in Xinjiang by China has been labeled as massacres by the U. S. Towards this excuse, the US and several other countries want to organize a political boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics in February.

On the official Blog, the Organization on American-Islamic Relations stated, “Elon Musk is obligated to shut the Tesla dealership in Xinjiang.”

A request for comment from Tesla was not returned immediately. The automaker owns a manufactory in Shanghai and is expanding manufacturing there in response to surging sales in the Chinese market.

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