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Tesla loses its profits


Oct 5, 2022 , , ,
Tesla теряет прибыль из-за возобновившейся перспективы покупки Twitter

Shares of the company turned negative after Musk’s message.

Tesla Inc. experienced a decline following the announcement that CEO Elon Musk had renewed his purchase of Twitter Inc. at the original offer price, raising the potential that more shares in the maker of electric vehicles will be sold.

Twitter rose by as much as 18% before trading was halted.

Over the summer, Musk sold shares of Tesla valued at billions of dollars to raise the money required to pay for his portion of the bargain.

If Musk is successful in acquiring Facebook, it increases the likelihood that the lead Tesla, now managed by businesses like SpaceX, will become even more widespread as the automaker strives to increase production globally and fend off competitors in the electric vehicle industry.

Tesla stock fell the most in the S&P 500 on Monday after reporting disappointing quarterly deliveries.

Before trading was stopped, Twitter share prices increased by as much as 18%.

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