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Tesla’s record sales lead China’s EV growth

Рекордные продажи Tesla возглавили рост электромобилей в Китае

The high dynamic of car sales on new energy sources

Sales of new energy vehicles in China continued to grow in September, helped by record sales by US electric vehicle tycoon Tesla Inc. and local automaker BYD Co.

According to the China Passenger Car Association, overall NEV sales are up 83% year over year to 611,000 units.

Tesla delivered a record 83,135 vehicles.

While Tesla delivered a record 83,135 vehicles after modernizing manufacturing facilities at its Shanghai plant, including 5,522 vehicles for outside markets, BYD sold well over 200,000 for the first time.

The PCA stated in a statement that “the effectiveness of control over supply chains depends on the profitability of the new energy vehicle industry.”

Other international automakers are beginning to pursue it and offer a wider product line, and Chinese automakers are attempting to sell their products outside of China, even if Tesla is dominating foreign automakers in the Chinese EV market.

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