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Tesla suspends Shanghai plant until Thursday


Mar 28, 2022
Tesla приостанавливает работу завода в Шанхае до четверга

City closed to contain surge in Covid-19 cases

After the city went into a staged shutdown to handle a rise in coronavirus infections, Tesla Inc. has extended a production halt at its Shanghai facility until Thursday.

Shanghai will be closed until April 1 in order to perform mass testing in order to battle the COVID-19 virus epidemic, which has become China’s greatest viral outbreak.

Shanghai plant produces cars for the Chinese market and for export

At all times, Tesla insists on carrying out its core responsibility of preventing and managing the coronavirus pandemic, carefully complying with all associated obligations, and organizing activities in line with government policy, a Tesla spokeswoman stated.

Because China is Tesla’s second-largest market and builds vehicles for export to Europe and other Asian nations, the Shanghai facility is crucial.

According to the Chinese Association of Passenger Automobiles, Tesla shipped 56,515 cars from its Shanghai facility in February alone, with 23,200 going to the domestic market and 33,315 going to the export market.

Tesla presently has vehicle plants on three continents—North America, Asia, and Europe—and will celebrate the launch of its fourth facility in Austin in a few days.

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