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Tesla Works Council will be very busy


Nov 25, 2021

BERLIN (Germany) (Reuters) – Given that the majority of employees hired thus far are in middle or upper management, Tesla’s work council at the company’s new Grünheide factory risks becoming unrepresentative.

According to IG Metal, seven Tesla employees, none of whom were members, gathered on Monday to form a committee to hold elections for the council, which will serve for at least two years.

The union claims that German labour law requires employees to work for a company for six months before voting for a work council, implying that any future corporation will be run by executives.

According to Dietze, new elections will be held if the workforce doubles in two years. Tesla employed approximately one-sixth of the factory’s 12,000 employees, according to IG Metal.

Tesla is currently operating under a temporary permit at Grunheide, with the goal of obtaining full approval by the end of 2021.

Elon Musk has previously clashed with labor leaders, and he was forced to remove a tweet in March 2018 threatening to take away stock options from American employees if they formed a union.

IG Metal opened a service office near the Grünheide facility earlier this year. According to Dietze, the union will oppose the formation of a works council unless a broader range of employees is represented.

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