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Tether earns $850 million in Q2.


Aug 1, 2023 ,
Второй квартал приносит Tether прибыль в размере $850 миллионов

The largest stablecoin’s owner, Tether Holdings Ltd., reported an $850 million profit for the second quarter. 85%, or $73.6 billion, of the $86.5 billion in reserves supporting the USDT token as of June 30 are kept in cash and cash equivalents, according to an analysis by independent BDO.

To demonstrate transparency and validate backing for its USDT coin, Tether Holdings Ltd. performed a background check on its reserves. Cash and cash equivalents make up nearly 85% of the overall reserves, or $73.6 billion, according to the BDO audit. This shows that Tether is not merely producing tokens without backing them but is instead backing them with actual assets.

The consistency and dependability that stablecoins bring to the Bitcoin ecosystem are qualities that many other digital assets lack. They enable users to exchange and store digital assets without being impacted by cryptocurrencies’ high volatility. Stablecoins can provide a consistent price because they are backed by real assets, which attracts traders and investors.

The popularity of stablecoins is rising each year. They are appealing to a wide spectrum of people, from common users to institutional investors, due to their capacity to maintain a solid link with real assets. Stablecoins can also be helpful tools for nations that are experiencing economic instability because they give access to a stable currency without requiring the use of national fiat currencies.

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