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The global debt market lost at least $75 billion.


Dec 18, 2022 , ,
Глобальный долговой рынок потерял в 2022 году не менее $75 млрд.

Borrowers delay financing plans

This year, more debt funding has been delayed or canceled internationally than at any time during the turbulent pandemic.

According to Bloomberg data, there were roughly 140 fundraising transactions in 2022, far below the totals of 2021 and 2020. These deals included bonds, loans, and asset-backed securities valued at at least $75 billion.

Some investors managed to find a window of relative stability.

This year, investors have been discouraged by the war in Ukraine, increasing prices, skyrocketing interest rates, and worries about a recession.

50 acquisitions were postponed or abandoned in the first quarter alone, and negativity persisted throughout the year as cautious investors continued to invest.

Nine bond contracts and eight credit trades were reopened as a result of some investors managing to identify a window of rather stable trading conditions.

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