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The Metaverse is Part of Shanghai’s Development Plan


Jan 3, 2022 ,

Shanghai Five Year Development Plan

The metaverse is at the forefront of technological advancement, and China will not be left behind. As part of its five-year development plan, Shanghai, the state’s biggest town & economic center, would encourage its use of metaverse. The town hopes to increase people’s interactions with avatars in the virtual 3D environment by using life-changing innovations.

Sensors, rapid interactions, and blockchain are among the core technologies being researched by the Chinese Committee.

Shanghai’s strategy includes “inspiring use of the metaverse in fields such as public services, company offices, social entertainment, industrial manufacturing, industrial safety, and electronic gaming,” following a transcript of a Chinese CNBC story.

The specifics of the development and time frame of the metaverse city have yet to be revealed, but they can probably be expected in the near future.

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