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The next frontier of generative AI is video.


Mar 21, 2023 ,
Следующий рубеж генеративного ИИ - видео

A simple prompt can generate a three-second video.

With still photographs, AI has come a long way. A startup company by the name of Runway AI Inc. now produces videos using AI.

Runway, a New York-based firm, announced the availability of its Gen 2 system on Monday. Its technology creates brief video clips based on brief user commands.

Company products are available via a waiting list

Runway, a business that creates AI-powered movies and editing tools, said that their Gen 2 AI system is now accessible via a waiting list. Interested parties can sign up on the private Discount channel, where Runway expects to add new subscribers each week.

Stability AI later popularized and improved the text-to-image AI model, Stable Diffusion, which was developed in part by the startup.

In recent months, Stable Diffusion, which creates OpenAl’s Dall-E picture and ChatGPT chatbot, has gone public and amassed enormous popularity; nonetheless, their widespread use is causing legal and racial problems.

During 2018, Runway has been developing AI technologies, and in late 2018, it raised $50 million.

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