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The SEC weighs new AI rules for brokerages.


Jun 14, 2023 , ,
SEC взвешивает новые правила ИИ для брокерских компаний

The SEC plans to stop conflicts of interest with AI.

The top watchdog on Wall Street is ready to announce new regulations for brokerages that communicate with customers using artificial intelligence.

According to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, a strategy to reduce conflicts of interest related to artificial intelligence might be released as early as October.

Gensler has repeatedly expressed concerns about conflicts of interest.

According to Henry Gensler in a statement, “Technology, markets, and business models are constantly changing, so the way the SEC works must change as the markets we monitor evolve.”

The SEC started investigating potential technology-related conflicts of interest as early as 2021, but the US government hasn’t developed a comprehensive strategy for new technologies despite the rise in media attention to AI capabilities.

The SEC’s semi-annual rule-writing agenda, which also includes dozens of other regulatory proposals, was updated to include an imminent proposal to restrict the use of AI by brokerage firms.


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