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The South Korean Fund buys chips

Фонд из Южной Кореи отказывается от акций электромобилей и вместо этого покупает чипы

The Daol Asset Management Co.-managed fund has had excellent recent performance. The fund, which has outperformed 99% of its rivals this year while having identical performance over the last three, five, and ten years, has made substantial purchases in EV-related stocks. The market environment of today, however, compelled the fund to alter its approach.

Despite the South Korean fund’s outstanding performance in the electric vehicle market, it has chosen to sell its holdings and take a different approach. This choice was made in part because a lot of electric vehicle manufacturers are having trouble getting semiconductors and batteries. As a result, production dropped, which in turn caused this industry’s stock to decline. The fund also thinks the EV market is hot and anticipates a decrease in EV demand soon.

The South Korean fund decided to invest in semiconductor-related equities rather than keep buying stocks related to electric car companies. The semiconductor business is increasing as a result of the advancement of artificial intelligence and other technologies, which justifies this decision. This enables the fund to anticipate near-term growth in both shares and earnings.

The market scenario may change as a result of a South Korean fund changing its approach. The price of these shares will drop even further if other investors start selling their shares of electric vehicles, as this fund has done. It can also be a suggestion to other investors to put their money into stocks with a connection to semiconductors. Generally speaking, market dynamics can change as a result of a change in the fund’s strategy.

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