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The US Senate’s report about aid to Ukraine.


Jan 11, 2023
В сенате США ждут статистику по объёму затрат государства по помощи Украине.

01/10/2023 A thorough report on US President Joe Biden’s financial support for Ukraine was required by Senator JD Vance.

Republican US Senator JD Vance plans to write a letter to the White House in which he criticizes the amount of aid given to Ukraine and charges the government with misusing public funds.

JD Vance and his fellow senators’ main gripe is that further transfers from the US are not included in the $114 billion in financing that was already given to Ukraine and other conflict-affected nations. Senator JD Vance asks the nation’s budget management service to include a note in the final report stating how much money was paid from Washington to Kyiv in this regard.

According to JD Vance

We should receive a report that contains a complete list of countries “Affected by the Conflict in Ukraine”, as well as what financial assistance the US authorities intend to send to each country.

Vance also encourages colleagues to sign this appeal. According to FoxNews, Vance has frequently mentioned in his comments his general skepticism about aiding Ukraine.


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