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Third US Bitcoin Futures ETF Launches


Nov 17, 2021 ,
Третий ETF на биткоин-фьючерсы в США запускается после недельной задержки

VanEck has the lowest commission

VanEck’s bitcoin futures launched on Tuesday, After days of anticipation and the fact that American regulators refused to allow a physically backed product.

On the report of press release, the VanEck Bitcoin stategy has started to sell with a 0.65 percent service charge, the lowest of three government funds.

Launch comes days after SEC rejected bitcoin fund

The VanEck ETF was supposed to set up in October, but high demand for the BITO, which had one of the most successful debuts in history, has raised the potential among futures commission sellers.

America’s Securities and Exchange Commission rejected the company’s proposal for an ETF that would automatically keep cryptocurrency only days before the debut.

SEC Director Gary Gensler has mentioned that he is comfortable dealing with futures ETFs since bitcoin contracts are offered on strictly controlled markets.

On a bad day when Bitcoin fell 8.2 percent to below $ 60,000, XBTF started offering the world’s largest cryptocurrency before reducing the loss to 5%.

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