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TikTok is waiving seller fees.


Jul 2, 2023 ,
TikTok отказывается от комиссии от продавцов перед запуском своего рынка в США

The well-known video-sharing app TikTok is taking the bold step of giving merchants free, instant access to its expanding online marketplace. The owner of this social network, ByteDance Ltd., started actively promoting itself as a free market at gatherings and seminars with Chinese exporters and manufacturers.

TikTok hopes to increase the number of sellers on its platform by granting them free access to its expanding online market. This could be a clever strategy to draw in more customers and grow your market share. Due to the charge waiver, TikTok can provide vendors with better offers, which may be appealing to many businesses.

How will this affect the market?

Chinese online trade industry leaders Temu and Shein are major competitors of TikTok, but they may face substantial difficulties now that TikTok has launched its free marketplace. Such a shift might cause a redistribution of vendors that favor TikTok over other online marketplaces. TikTok can also attract new sellers who have not previously engaged in online selling as a result of fees and other limitations. This can result in more competitors entering the market and existing businesses losing market share.

Benefits for sellers

TikTok provides merchants with several advantages that can appeal to enterprises. Sellers can put their products on the marketplace for free, to begin with. Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular may find this appealing because they may have tight marketing and advertising resources. TikTok also provides free delivery and doesn’t charge commissions, which might help sellers boost their earnings and reduce competition. For sellers without their warehouses, TikTok also offers warehouse storage, which can be helpful.

Competition with Amazon.com Inc.

TikTok plans to compete with Amazon.com Inc., one of the major players in the online trade business. Free seller terms can be alluring, particularly for those seeking an Amazon substitute. This might make TikTok and Amazon more competitive, which would benefit merchants by improving market conditions.


TikTok’s strategic initiative to waive commissions and offer merchants free periods could have an effect on the market for online commerce. Free listings, shipping, no commissions, and storage facilities may encourage more merchants to use the platform and alter market share. We’ll have to wait and see how this tactic performs and what changes it makes to the Internet trading sector.


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