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Toyota sales recovered by improved deliveries.


Mar 30, 2023
Восстановление продаж Toyota благодаря улучшенным поставкам

February Toyota results

As the Japanese carmaker recovers from a shortage of automotive semiconductors and a protracted outage caused by the coronavirus epidemic, Toyota Motor Corp. said that global production increased by 1.4% in February.

The largest carmaker in the world produced 896,712 automobiles last month, demonstrating its dominance in the global market for internal combustion engine vehicle sales.

Toyota is committed to renewable energy.

Koji Sato, the current CEO of Lexus, is getting ready to take over as the company’s CEO and is likely to steer the Japanese automaker toward an electric vehicle and renewable energy future.

The key question is whether Toyota’s current leadership can help the global automobile sector undergo a generational transformation.

According to Toyota, domestic sales increased year over year for the second consecutive month, with sales in Japan up 38% to 213,698 vehicles.

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