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Toyota soared on optimism over its EV plans.


Jun 18, 2023
Toyota взлетела на оптимизме по поводу планов по созданию электромобилей

Technology briefings help drive promotions.

The intensive media campaign behind the Japanese automaker’s EV strategy and a larger global stock surge helped Toyota Motor Corp. score its largest two-day gain in three years.

The company’s shares rose by 12%.

The re-appointment of chairman Akio Toida has contributed to the optimism, as Toyota shares are up 12% this week, the most since March 2020.

The company’s management discussed advancements for the next generation of electric vehicles, such as longer-range batteries, better aerodynamics, and more productive production techniques.

“Foreign investors are looking for stocks to invest in, and Toyota is a very large, liquid, and cheap company that has performed poorly over the past year, and news about the company’s efforts to build electric vehicles and solid-state batteries has been very positive,” said Mio Kato, an analyst at LightStream Research.

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