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Traders Expect Small Fluctuations in Ethereum


May 22, 2023 ,
Трейдеры ожидают меньших краткосрочных колебаний эфира по сравнению с битконом

Market indicators signal limited short-term fluctuations in Ethereum.

Volatility indicators point to fewer short-term changes in Ethereum than in Bitcoin, reversing the typical trend for the two most important digital assets in the cryptocurrency market.

The volatility index for ether typically outperformed the volatility index for bitcoin.

Changes in Ethereum volatility may attract the attention of investors

As it becomes more affordable to purchase insurance and control risk, lower volatility often encourages institutional investors to invest more money in cryptocurrencies. According to Caroline Motor, co-founder of the OrBit Markets platform, “Compressing the volatility spread could result in more Ether risk for long-term investors.”

The proliferation of non-fungible tokens, or digital collectibles, including memcoins based on software advancements, has shaken the foundations of the Bitcoin network.

In early trade in London, Bitcoin soared to $27,000 and is up 63% for the year. Ethereum has also had a small increase, rising 51% so far this year.


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