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Travel Giant TUI tests ChatGPT with UK holidaymakers.


Aug 20, 2023 , ,
Travel Giant TUI тестирует ChatGPT на отдыхающих из Великобритании

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used more and more frequently in contemporary society across a wide range of endeavors. The tourism sector is one such area where AI has made its way. In recent years, many businesses, including significant players, have been aggressively integrating AI technologies to enhance their goods and services.

TUI is one such instance, which has started testing the ChatGPT technology on UK vacationers. The goal of this testing is to ascertain how well ChatGPT works and how satisfied customers are with it when planning and booking vacations.

Neural networks and machine learning are the foundations of ChatGPT. Machine learning is the process through which a computer system picks up knowledge from data and experience. With the use of neural networks, a computer can process information similarly to how the human brain does.

The basis of ChatGPT’s operation is the principle of text generation from input data. The system evaluates the context when handling a user request and produces the relevant response. The algorithm can give more precise and detailed answers with more data.

A variety of elements of the travel industry may be significantly impacted by the implementation of ChatGPT. The biggest advantage is better customer service. Customer satisfaction will rise, and their travel experience will be improved with prompt and accurate answers to their inquiries.

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