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TSMC expects sales growth of 30%


Jun 8, 2022 ,
TSMC ожидает роста продаж на 30% несмотря на глобальные экономические потрясения

In 2022, the company has already lost more than a tenth of its value

Despite global macroeconomic instability, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. predicts sales growth of roughly 30% in 2022, showing solid demand for electronics.

“In dollar terms, sales growth should accelerate this year from 24.9 percent in 2021,” Chairman Mark Liu stated at the annual shareholder meeting.

TSMC to spend over $40 billion on capacity expansion in 2023

The TSMC projection is based on persistent concerns that inflation, the Ukraine war, and China’s quarantine will dampen gadget demand.

“The current inflation has no direct impact on the semiconductor business because the demand reduction is primarily due to consumer electronics like smartphones and PCs, whereas demand for electric vehicles is really strong,” Liu explained.

In the long run, TSMC will continue to be the backbone of global commerce as a crucial supplier to industries ranging from automobiles to cryptocurrencies to the Internet, thanks to its cutting-edge technology.

After losing more than a tenth of their value this year, the company’s shares are up more than 1% in Taiwan trading. Even though the Taiwanese industry has benefited greatly in recent years, investors are concerned that policy tightening around the world will begin to restrict consumption in 2022.

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