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TSMC is likely to miss its spending target.


Oct 13, 2022 , ,
TSMC, вероятно пропустит собственный прогноз капитальных расходов

TSMC falls short of its CAPEX guidance.

The CAPEX forecast of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., which was at least $40 billion, appears to be unmet.

The business has invested $25.5 billion through the first three quarters of this year, and it will need more than $14 billion for TSMC to meet the bottom end of the anticipated range.

Reading, the company’s profit rose to $8.8 billion.

The most valuable chip manufacturer in the world, TSMC, previously stated that it intended to spend close to the lower end of the $40 billion to $44 billion range on capital equipment.

The market for personal computers, smartphones, and other gadgets has since witnessed a decline as a result.

According to TSMC, its profit increased to NT$280.9 billion ($8.8 billion) for the third quarter, exceeding the average NT$264.7 billion export projection.

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