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TSMC’s 2023 Revenue Drop Forecast


Jul 20, 2023
Прогноз падения выручки TSMC на 2023 год подтверждает глобальный спад рынка чипов

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), a manufacturer of semiconductor chips, decreased its 2023 revenue projection to alert investors about the ongoing slowdown in the global electronics market despite the AI surge.

TSMC, the primary chip supplier for Apple Inc. and Nvidia Corp., predicted a 10% drop in sales this year compared to a previous single-digit drop. The company also projects lower-than-expected sales for the current quarter, in the range of $16.7 billion to $17.5 billion. According to TSMC, capital expenditures for 2023 will likely fall closer to the lower end of the previously predicted range of $32 to $36 billion.

The world market for chip manufacturing has recently encountered some difficulties. Despite the expansion of AI research and the rise of chip demand, TSMC is cautioning investors about the current state of the industry’s downturn. As a result, the company revised its revenue outlook for 2023 to reflect a potential 10% drop in sales.

The semiconductor manufacturing sector may experience more decline shortly, which might have a significant impact on TSMC and other chip manufacturers.

Nevertheless, despite the present challenges, there may be room for growth and progress in the chip manufacturing sector due to factors like the emergence of artificial intelligence and the creation of new technologies. TSMC can sustain its market position over the long term thanks to its advantages over competitors and diverse clientele.

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