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Twitter drops labels.


Apr 24, 2023 ,

Twitter dropped labels for President Joe Biden, state-affiliated, and government-funded media.

The designations used to designate President Joe Biden’s account as genuine, as well as those that indicated state-affiliated and government-funded accounts of officials and media outlets, have been quietly removed by Twitter.

The company’s decision to remove the blue checkmarks from legacy-verified users the day before the update prompted worries that false material would now spread more quickly on the platform.

The first lady of the United States, Jill Biden, and vice president Kamala Harris’ personal and official accounts no longer identified them as government representatives as of Friday morning.

The shift on Friday also saw the removal of controversial labels.

Labels were also removed from journalists and media organizations with ties to China and Russia, as well as the president of Russia’s official account, which has been dormant ever since the nation invaded Ukraine last year.

The Twitter accounts of various media organizations, including NPR, the BBC, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, had been flagged by Musk as “state-affiliated.” Executives and journalists at the outlets were frightened by the categorization.

NPR declared it would stop using Twitter to disseminate news in response to those labels.


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