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Twitter removes false tweets sent by Russian embassy


Mar 11, 2022 ,
Twitter удаляет ложные твиты, отправленные посольством России в Лондоне

Twitter removes fake Russian tweets

Twitter Inc. erased fraudulent posts from the Russian embassy’s London account, claiming that footage of a maternity hospital explosion in Mariupol was phony.

The now-deleted tweets stated that the hospital was being utilized by the armed forces and extremists and that the injured pregnant lady pictured during the attack was an actress, according to screen pictures provided by The Guardian.

Russia’s Hateful and Abusive Behavior

The messages were taken down because they violated Twitter’s abusive and offensive conduct policy, according to a Twitter spokeswoman.

Other Kremlin-linked accounts spread bogus material on Twitter, including one from the Russian embassy in South Africa, which claimed that South Africans had given the Russian embassy a huge number of sympathy letters claiming that Russia was battling Nazism in Ukraine.

In recent weeks, Twitter has stated that it has made efforts to combat the dissemination of misleading information about the conflict. In Ukraine and Russia, for example, he has ceased advertising and giving advice.

Due to its restriction of Russian official media in service within the European Union, the firm has been prohibited in Russia.

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